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One in four UK homes now at risk from flooding

More than 200,000 homeowners could be left without insurance from June 2013 with the annual cost of damage from flooding in England and Wales rising to £13.5bn

The severe weather battering Britain gives a stark demonstration of the increasing risk of flood damage to residential property in the UK. With the moratorium on flood insurance due to end in June 2013, the current flooding crisis ratchets up the risk of insurance ‘ghettos’ in the future where homeowners cannot get cover. Unless the Government and the Association of British Insurers find a workable solution for borrowers more than 200,000 homes could be uninsurable by next summer. The latest data from the Environment Agency reports more than 800 homes across the UK have already been flooded in the recent storms – and they are increasingly in areas with no history of severe flooding. But despite the fact a quarter of homes could be at risk from flooding, according to data from SearchFlow many thousands of buyers still don’t order a more detailed flood search on top of their standard searches.

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